Quiz Masters is the debut sit-pod-com written by Aidan McCaffery and produced by Benn Cordrey, following an unlikely bunch of social misfits bound by one common tie – their attendance at the weekly Molested Lamb Pub Quiz. Find the podcast in the iTunes Store.

Ian Taplow, a twenty-something pub quiz zealot, assembles a team of old school friends to compete at the local pub quiz. But can he keep his new team-mates focused on mission? And does he even have the right pub?

Meet The Cast
Ian Taplow – played by Benn Cordrey
A born quiz zealot, who takes quizzing seriously – VERY seriously. He plays to win, so it’s all the more tragic that he rarely does. But quizzing is a team sport, and Ian knows he must gather a veritable superteam to conquer his nemeses, by fair means or foul. After all, there’s no “I” in “TEAM” – but there is in “IAN”, which is a fact Ian is clinging to.


Rose Kettering – played by Esther Eden (visit Esther’s homepage)
Your typical girl next door, Rose is sweetness and light personified. Generous, loyal, friendly…and up until her recent abstinence drive, virtually anybody’s. How hard will it be for her to avoid carnal temptation, and can she keep it up? (Not the best phrase in the circumstances…)


Ollie Abingdon – played by Scott Joseph (Scott’s voiceover page)
Hopeless romantic Ollie is obsessed with finding The One, and if it wasn’t for the weekly quiz, he’d have nowhere to analyse his serial dating exploits. The trouble with wearing your heart on your sleeve, though, is that it often obscures the picture sheet…


Nyle Addison – played by Aidan McCaffery
Lock up your daughters – Nyle’s on the loose! If libido was an illness, Nyle would be in the intensive care ward. And you’d think with his rampant, atavistic urges thrusting themselves around the Molested Lamb, he’d end up in hospital propping up the genito-urinary reception – after all, it’s the only reason he turns up. But with a stash of near-expired contraceptives and a hit-rate worse than an X Factor runner-up, the stats suggest otherwise.


Jo Normington – played by Sarah Sumeray (visit Sarah’s homepage)
No-nonsense Jo is an aspiring stand-up comedian, and can often be seen staggering to the bar in the Lamb, downing a quick drop (or eleven) of Dutch Courage before hitting the nearby open mic night. Will she have the crowd eating out of the palm of her hands, or will she be using them to catch the vomit that invariably follows the twelfth pint of snakebite?


The Quiz Master, Mick Fleatwould – played by Rafe Beckley
“Quiz Master” to his quizees, “Quiz Master” to the fairer sex, “Quiz Master” to his friends (whoever they are)… In fact, Mick hasn’t been called “Mick” since he last saw his mother (if you don’t count the court case). But even family come second when you’ve dedicated your life to the art of quiz. A stalwart member of QUIM (that’s Quiz Umpires, Instructors & Masters, to you), he’ll stop at nothing to ensure a good, fair quiz. Pound in the jar, please…and phones off.


Other parts in the series are also played by Amy Barnes, Sarah Fraser, Jack Thompson, Rachel Thorn, Emma Turner and Emma Yorke.

The Quiz Masters theme tune was written and composed by James Hall. You can hear the full version here

Massive quizzy thanks also go to Chris Lees for his design input (and the Molested Lamb pub sign!) and to Tom Cinakovas for his image manipulations.