Episode 2: Love And/Or War

¬†After last week’s apparent failure, Ian endeavours to refocus his team’s efforts to win the Molested Lamb quiz, only to find that all is not fair in love, war and pub quizzes.


  1. […] Episode 2: Love And/Or War […]

  2. […] Episode 2: Love And/Or War […]

  3. […] Quiz Masters, is now fully under way with Episode 3 available to listen to tomorrow evening. Episode 2 is up already and the rest of the series, plus the promotional minisodes, are all up on the site […]

  4. […] a Quiz Masters tankard! And with all the hullabaloo surrounding the season premiere that was Episode 2, we’ll give you a gentle nudge by saying entrants this week have a substantially higher […]

  5. […] you’ve heard the pilot and the minisodes, time to get your festive teeth into Episode 2 here. Knocks the stuffing out of French […]