Episode 3 – Available Now!

Episode 3 – All Your Phones Are Belong To Us is now available via iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube and this page. Get listening, because there’s another competition to win a limited edition glass tankard. You too can be like Steve “Lucky” Dempster who won the prize for Episode 2!

In this episode, Quiz Master Mick takes unpopular steps to ensure this week’s quiz isn’t violated by unruly cheating youths by imposing a mobile phone confiscation policy. Will it work?

For those unfamiliar with the reference in the episode’s title, it’s from an internet phenomenon based on a nonsensical cut scene in a Sega Megadrive video game called Zero Wing where a character’s text is mistranslated as “all your base are belong to us”, as opposed to “all of your bases now belong to us”. Read the informative Wikipedia page here. And never let it be said that the podcast isn’t informative.