Episode 5 Competition – Congratulations, Danielle Cartwright!

Another week, another competition ends; all this week following the release of Episode 5, we asked the question:

What company does Kathy McQueen repeatedly announce that she works for?

And the answer was McQueen Trading, and the lucky winner drawn at random from the correct entrants was none other than…Danielle Cartwright! Congratulations, Danielle – a beautiful Quiz Masters glass tankard will shortly be winging its way to your doorstep. Happy supping!

“But I want to be like Danielle!” I hear you cry, and you know what, you’ve got a very good chance to: by entering the competition for Episode 6 right here. Don’t forget, the answers are always contained in the episode, which you can listen to here. It’s the penultimate one and so if you don’t win it this time, you’ll only have one more chance to bag yourself possibly the most fashionable and comedically on-message glassware ¬†around – ¬†iTunes Chart approved, no less!

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