Episode 6 Competition – Congratulations, Tim Gagie!

And the penultimate limited edition tankard for Episode 6 has been won by Geneva’s favourite son, Mr Tim Gagie! Well done, mucker – a beautifully rendered Quiz Masters receptacle will be flinging its way towards Alpine climes within the next few days. Now get on Facebook and tell the world how excited you are!

For those of you inquisitive to know the answer, the celebrity and former footballer Rose mistook for being scooped inĀ Young Jews Monthly was Paul Gascoigne/Gazza.

This all means that not only will Tim now be imbibing in style, but the rest of you have only one more chance to win a special Haworth tankard of your own, in the Episode 7 Competition! Listen to the episode here, and then enter the competition here. To make it even easier, since it’s your last chance, we’ve even made it multiple choice. And staggeringly easy owing to a punning clue.

For the final time – best of luck and bonne chance!

Molested Lamb Visual B