Catch up with all the Quiz Masters episodes in Series 1 so far!


Episodes So Far:

Episode 1: The Festrivia Begins – The Director’s Cut

Catch up with where it all begin in this recut version of the Quiz Masters series pilot. Ian Taplow, a twenty-something pub quiz zealot, assembles a team of old school friends to compete at the Molested Lamb weekly pub quiz. But can he keep his new team-mates focused on the quiz? And does he even have the right pub?

Episode 8: The Natrivia Scene

 In a festive special, Rose narrates an alternative history of the pub quiz, relating to an oft-told Yuletide story that dates back many years involving angels, kings, newborns, lavish gifts, inappropriate maternity wards and wise men. And not-so-wise men. Merry Christmas!

Episode 7.2: A Post-Series Thank You

 A quick gratitude-filled missive to thank all our loyal subscribers, listeners, quiz attendees, competition entrants and all-round good egg supporters for their ears over Series 1, and a few details about the forthcoming Christmas Special available soon!

Episode 7: Expiry

 In the series finale, Ian finally faces down his childhood nemesis. Will Ethan make a ‘rockery’ out of him? Will Jo win her stand-up competition? Will Nyle finally use his emergency sheath? Will Ollie find romance? And will Rose stay true to her vow?

Episode 6: How To Assemble The Perfect Pub Quiz Team

 Ian decides to confront his demons at a Gamblers’ Anonymous meeting, and in doing so, comes to a crossroad (literally). He can either support his friends, or settle a score with his nemesis – which will he choose?

Episode 5.2: The Sexiest Day Of The Year – A Halloween Special

The season of all things spooky finds Nyle in the Lamb explaining to Ian and Ollie why Halloween is so devilishly sexy. But can he fend off the lascivious witches?

Episode 5: Division

Low turnout forces Mick to split the teams into twos. Is the whole of Insert Pop Culture Related Pub Quiz Pun Here greater than the sum of its parts – and who’s nicking all the coasters?

Episode 4 Bonus Content: Horse Racing Commentary

A special unedited version of the horse racing commentary as featured in Episode 4. The producers cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred as a result of actually betting on this race. I mean, as if you would – listen to their names.

Epiosde 4.2: QUIM Talks

 Mick takes a week’s absence from the Molested Lamb quiz to address the annual Quiz Umpires, Instructors and Masters Conference in Manchester on his plans to tackle the biggest problem facing the delegates of QUIM.

Episode 4: The Worst You’ve Ever Had

Mick’s departure for a conference in Manchester sees the motley crew debunk to a rival pub where Jo’s trying out another tough crowd, with even tougher material. Will the stars align for success – and who’s the lascivious skinhead doing the rounds?

Episode 3: All Your Phones Are Belong To Us

After last week’s dishonourable win, Mick ruthlessly imposes a phone confiscation policy in an attempt to quell the scourge of mobile phone cheating at the Molested Lamb quiz. Zero tolerance – and slightly less fun for the punters.

Episode 2: Love And/Or War

 After last week’s apparent failure, Ian endeavours to refocus his team’s efforts to win the Molested Lamb quiz, only to find that all is not fair in love, war and pub quizzes.

Ian & The Quiz Master’s Minisode

 In the final promotional mini-episode ahead of the season premiere on Monday 7th October, Ian pops round to the Quiz Master’s house to pick up some promotional flyers – and immediately wishes he hadn’t.

Nyle’s Minisode

 In the fourth of five promotional mini-episodes ahead of the season premiere on Monday 7th October, Ian discover’s lascivious Nyle’s latest low point

Rose’s Minisode

 In the third of five promotional mini-episodes ahead of the season premiere on Monday 7th October, Ian provides a welcome distraction to Rose’s frustrating drive towards abstinence.

Jo’s Minisode

 In the second of five promotional mini-episodes ahead of the season premiere on Monday 7th October, Ian checks up on team-mate Jo after her vomit-stained performance the night before.

Ollie’s Minisode

 In the first of five promotional mini-episodes ahead of the season premiere on Monday 7th October, we find Ian sounding out Ollie, his ’80s trivia buff.

Quiz Masters Season Premiere Trailer

Trailer for forthcoming season premiere of sit-pod-com Quiz Masters. Available via iTunes, SoundCloud and from Monday 7th October. Come to the launch event in London! Details at