Final Competition Winner – Congratulations, Nicholas Lees!

And it’s with a touch of finality, as we dab away the tears following the end of Series 1, that we wish warm and hearty congratulations to Nicholas Lees who answered our final competition question correctly and wins himself our final Quiz Masters limited edition etched glass Haworth tankard. And congratulations to all six winners over the series; we hope your drinks this festive season will taste all the more jolly coming from a glass tattooed with an tormented sheep. The answer to the question: the activity the team partook in at the end of Episode 7 was bowling.

Molested Lamb Visual B

For those who’d like to buy their own tankard (they make perfect gifts for pub-goers, quiz geeks and glassware fanatics, we’re told), we’ll be offering you the opportunity shortly just in time for Christmas. Keep tuned to the blog for updates! Also, watch this space for similarly festive and exciting news about our upcoming Christmas Special episode. Yep, you heard us right. Chris. Muss. Spesh. Ul.