New Beginnings

With the prospect of slightly lighter evenings approaching at a snail’s pace and broken resolutions already clattering on the floor like so many stale sprout-flavoured chocolates, we at the Molested Lamb HQ hope that all of your Januarys have begun in a pleasant fashion. We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Special – it’s now up on YouTube as we didn’t get time to upload the video before, and although it probably feels a bit wrong listening to it after the event, you can always save it up for this year’s.

As mentioned in the Thank You Update, we’re currently in the process of crafting the second series; it’ll take a while but we’ll be posting lots of audio goodies up on the site and via the iTunes feed in-between to whet your appetites. Plus there’ll be lots of announcements from the Twitter feed, so watch this space.

Until then, here’s another excellent podcast, How To Do Everything, featuring the honey-like vocal meanderings of Sir Patrick Stewart rendering the local accents of British sheep. It’s a ruddy joy. So grab 2014 by the nuts and show it who’s boss, and tell it Mick sent you.