One Day And Counting…

We’re tantalisingly close to the Quiz Masters launch day, with Episode 2 available from 7:30pm tomorrow and the launch event at The Old Explorer in Oxford Circus. Click here to find out the details, or click here to see the event on the mocked-up Molested Lamb homepage. Plus we’re launching our competition to win a special Quiz Masters/Molested Lamb tankard too, check out the competition page for more details.

To clear up any confusion about the launch event, it won’t be a performance of the show, it will be a real quiz with real prizes (and consequently a real £2 fee per person to join in – it wouldn’t work otherwise!) but will be hosted by the actor playing the Quiz Master in the show, in character. He’s reading an encyclopaedia as we speak. And the event will be at The Old Explorer – we’re just pretending it’s The Molested Lamb (which doesn’t really exist – but you all knew that, right?)

We’re all really excited to finally have the show see the light of day, and we hope you like it. If you do, please tell your friends and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the internet! Until then, have a great Sunday and we’ll let you get back to your quiz revision. (We can only assume that’s what you were up to.)

pint glass

You could win a special Molested Lamb tankard by entering our competition from tomorrow! See the Competition page for details