Operation Apple Pip – Pipdate: WE DID IT!!!

When Aidan and I embarked on our spammy trail to get all our friends and family subscribing to Quiz Masters on iTunes, we didn’t really know what to expect. We hoped we’d perhaps flirt with the bottom end of the chart at around the 200 position, which would at least mean we’d achieved our goal of getting in there. And so it was, with slightly glum dispositions, that we woke yesterday morning to check the fruits of our (and all our subscribers’) labours, and scoured the foot of the table longingly for Chris Lees’ picture of the poor little lamb on the psychiatrist’s chair. 200, 199, 198… Our scroll wheels whirred at first, getting excited that we might have made it to the dizzying highs of the low 180s or high 170s, but as we scrolled up the chart with decreasing haste, it seemed to us more and more likely that our efforts had been in vain, and that we’d not made it after all. For the purpose of nothing but self-flagellation, we thought we’d see what was at the top, and wish them well on getting right what we clearly had not. And so we scrolled up to the top, and…

Wait, what was that? Did I just see a picture of a lamb near the top? It certainly looks familiar. Which cheeky so-and-so is using our image and passing it off as their own? How downright rude! Hang on, they’ve even copied our title! “Quiz Masters Sit-Pod-Com”, whoever that is, have had the audacity to steal our image and title and masquerade their way all to number 17 in the charts. Why, the… Wait a minute, that’s us. That’s us. THAT’S US!!!!! We’ve only gone and become the 17th most popular podcast in the whole bloody chart!!

And it wasn’t over. By mid-morning, we’d climbed to 15th:

iTunes_screenshot_overallAnd better still, with the Comedy Chart, we’d reached 5th – the highest ranked comedy podcast without backing by a major publisher on the whole chart.

iTunes_screenshot_comedyTo say we were excited would be an understatement. We rang each other in a giddy frenzy, and then rang our mothers in a similar state. (Our own mothers – to ring the other’s mother would be a tad odd.)

And so the big message to pass on is a huge thank you to all those of you who tolerated our spammy requests and subscribed, to those new listeners we welcome with open arms (and ears) and to the followers who’ve been with us from the start. Like Adam and Joe’s Black Squadron, we asked – and you more than delivered. We’re keenly aware about how useful the iTunes Charts are as a way of increasing awareness of shows and gaining new listeners, so thanks to your good selves for helping us crack this milestone.

As a way of showing our gratitude, Episode 6 will be made available earlier than planned, from midnight tonight – incidentally when the Episode 5 competition closes, so you still have until then to enter.

The next big challenge is to stay in the charts! We can do so with your continued support, so do please tell your friends, like us on our Facebook page and generally spread the word about subscribing for free. And if you like it, give us a star rating and a review too – they really help. And above all – enjoy listening!




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