The Nine Days Of Christmas

Christmassy Pub Sign

Ho, ho, ho and merry Christmas, one and all! Since it’s been roughly a year since Quiz Masters was unleashed upon the world, we thought we’d fill your stockings with another chance to hear it with fresh ears, or to pass it on to a loved one like a slightly-too-large-but-utterly-unwanted jumper. Over the course of nine special, seasonal days, we’ll be tweeting and sharing links to all the episodes, culminating in the Christmas special. So even if you didn’t hear it the first time round (in fact, especially if you didn’t), what better excuse than to curl up around your tablet/smartphone/internet fridge and catch up with the exploits of Ian, Rose, Nyle, Jo and Ollie. And where better to begin than at the beginning? Here’s Episode 1 – or click here if you prefer to use iTunes.